It was a moment in January 2004 – when I decided to leave my home in Orange County, California and move to New York City – that set me on a journey to discovering photography. While living in NYC and working an intense finance job, I realized that I needed more to feel proud of myself and fulfilled. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to photography and I was hooked.

At my first wedding, I fell in love with photographing every detail of the day. It felt so amazing...

A friend asked me to take her picture for her holiday card. I said yes, then her friends asked me to do the same and, before I knew it, I had embarked on a new career.
I purchased my new camera and soon after found myself starting a blog, then a website, and eventually my very own company.

What started as a hobby and an escape from the stressful world of finance, soon turned into my source of pride and what will hopefully continue to be a growing experience – one in which my skills will further mature and flourish. I really enjoy using organic, natural light in my photography, as well as traveling around the country for events.

In the beginning of 2011, I quit my full-time Wall Street job so I could spend my days doing something I am passionate about. Whether it is for weddings, engagement shoots, family portraits, bar and bat mitzvahs, or corporate events, I love everything about photographing memories. Getting to know my clients and being part of their special days fills me with happiness. Finally, I love what I do.

Pictured: Ellie